The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the backbone of the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, facilitating communication between charging stations and charging station management systems. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of EV infrastructure.

At ScoptVision, we are always at the forefront of innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology led us to participate in the OCPP Plugfest, an event that brought together OCPP developers from around the world. This event provided us with a unique opportunity to test our EV chargers and Charging Station Management System alongside manufacturers from across the globe.

What is OCPP and Why is it Important?

🔌 The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a globally recognized standard that allows EV charging stations and Charging Station Management Systems (CSMS) to communicate effectively. It defines a common language for charging infrastructure, enabling interoperability between different manufacturers’ hardware and software solutions. This standardization is crucial for the growth of the EV charging network because it ensures that EV drivers have a consistent and reliable charging experience, regardless of the charging station’s brand or location.

The Event Highlights

During the OCPP Plugfest, we had the privilege of conducting on-site testing at the ElaadNL Testlab in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This physical testing was complemented by global online testing, enabling us to engage with participants from anywhere in the world.

But the Plugfest was not just about testing, it also featured an exciting side-program that included presentations and demonstrations on various topics such as OCPP & Battery Swapping, Compliance Testing Tool, and Energy Management. These sessions provided valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in the EV charging industry.

Our participation in the OCPP Plugfest took place on Tuesday, September 19th. It was a day filled with learning, collaboration, innovation and networking with manufacturers. It allowed us to validate the performance multiple EV chargers and engage with experts from around the world. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions for EV charging.

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