Last Wednesday, May 3rd, the StartIt@KBC community gathered at the Museum M in Leuven to celebrate the graduation of its latest batch of startups. Among the standout participants was Scoptvision, a software company dedicated to revolutionizing the energy and mobility sectors with its innovative solutions.

Scoptvision was recognized for its commitment to sustainability and was nominated for the prestigious “Greenest Startup” award. The company’s dedication to reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable practices has earned it a reputation as an industry leader in green innovation.

While Scoptvision did not claim the first prize, the company was honored to be named the runner-up in the “Greenest Startup” category. This acknowledgment further validates Scoptvision’s tireless efforts to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The team at Scoptvision would like to extend their gratitude to the StartIt@KBC community and the event organizers for this recognition. They express their appreciation for the opportunities and support provided by StartIt@KBC throughout their journey.

Moving forward, Scoptvision remains committed to their mission of developing cutting-edge solutions for the energy and mobility sectors. They continue to collaborate with like-minded partners and explore innovative approaches to tackle the pressing environmental challenges we face today.

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